No Correlation Between Increasing Crime and Rehab Centers in Schaumburg, Illinois at All

rehabA residential drug or alcohol treatment center would not create more crime in the area; it would actually reduce it in a big way.  In recent news, there has been some debate on whether or not to allow zoning for the building of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center and drug rehab Schaumburg in Illinois.


Unfortunately, residents near the proposed treatment center have said they feared there would be an increase in crime from those in the facility.  However, that is very, very unlikely as rehab centers do their best to actually reduce drug addiction and substance abuse in general for those afflicted in any given residential area.  To go even further and prove the point even more so, recent studies have been done to measure the location of crime using GPS, longitude and latitude to study the relationship of crime to business types in a given area.  By having drug addicts sign up at the drug rehabilitation Chicago Illinois, it would not increase drug addiction, it would simply reduce them because if someone knows someone in the rehab, and they used to do drugs together, then they can refer them to a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg in order to reduce heroin intake in Chicago, Illinois.


Mental and personal difficulties and struggles no doubt play a huge role behind the scene of many addictions, and studies show that the vast majority of individuals in the United States who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are so addicted because they began using drugs and alcohol to try and cope with or address some mental concern, struggle, or difficulty.  True enough, 2012 statistics reporting that 8.4 million Americans who abuse substances also suffer from a serious personal trouble or issue that caused them to start abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place.


The Benefits of Rehab


One study followed closely multiple people who were enrolled in outpatient drug addiction treatment and determined that within the first six months following an initial treatment interview, 22 percent of female patients and 32 percent of male patients had relapsed.  And that is only after six months of treatment!  With inpatient rehab however, the numbers are approximately about a third of that, with roughly ten percent relapsing.  All in all, though relapse rates might be high for addicts in general, a course through an inpatient rehab program can easily change all of that.


Drug and alcohol addiction is very intricate, very involved, and very difficult to get rid of completely. This is while long term stay at a residential facility is necessary to really look at, address, and successfully eradicate all aspects of addiction. Thankfully, inpatient rehabilitation is available and easy to come across in the United States today, and with rehab as an option anyone who is addicted can finally go free from addiction once and for all.  This is what is needed in Schaumburg now more than ever as the city is on the very of a full on addiction epidemic.


In truth, it is now being highly recommended to get this treatment center into the Schaumburg area as quickly as is possible.  This will make a big difference here, and now the local residents are getting behind the idea too. Any drug rehab Chicago Illinois would help resolve this problem of substance abuse and not make it worse.


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