Naperville Addiction: Why Drug-Related Crimes Aren’t Just in Big Cities Anymore or At All

drug3Drug Addiction on the Rise all Across the Nation and Killing More American than Ever Before


In the year of 2010, drug and alcohol abuse planted itself firmly in third place for the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States all in all.  This should have been a major wakeup call for such addicts, but the truth is that addiction is far more powerful than common sense.


In the United States today, drug and alcohol abuse kills more Americans than all other types of preventable causes of death except for smoking and obesity alone.   For additional insight into this, total drug overdoses killed more Americans than firearms or motor vehicle accidents in 2010, and in all the years following that year. We are trying to find a solution to this drug epidemic problem in the Illinois state and area therefore the method so far that seems to be working best is building and opening multiple Chicago drug rehabilitation centers across the state.


Drug Abuse in Naperville: A City Rife with Drug Abuse and Addiction and Crime


At this point there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that drug and alcohol addiction and abuse in general in the city of Naperville is nope causing a very intensive spike in crime in this area in general.  And much to the surprise of many it’s not just from the slow drip of meth lab busts, break-ins and armed robberies littering the police blotter with shady mug shots, each scaring the local residents more than the last.  But now local residents who would not at all seem like individuals who would abuse such drug substances are now being caught and persecuted for serious drug abuse.  We’re talking comfortable upper middle class or upper class Americans all across Naperville getting busted for crimes having to do with illicitly obtaining drugs.  These could be one’s own neighbors.


In recent months, as if on cue and as if it was planned, a rash of shootings that followed his latest crime prevention update amplified what the mayor seems intent on corralling, with in-town officers getting take-home cars to make a presence in neighborhoods, additional cops for LPD’s street crime unit, the bells and whistles of new cruisers, and bumped-up code enforcement.  All in all, these extra expenditures have seemed quite appropriate given increasing crime rates in and around and all across Naperville.  If even more measures aren’t taken, then no one will want to live in Naperville anymore simply because it is far too dangerous and now there is a drug rehabilitation Naperville available and many other drug rehab Illinois’ in the area since we need to take these measures in order to ensure safety in the area of Illinois.


This requires a significant amount of grassroots work and effort to stop the issue from getting any worse.  The citizens all across Naperville must now band together to try and curb drug and alcohol addiction in and around Naperville before it is sadly far too late.  If this is done though, then the city and the general area too stands a chance at improving greatly in a city that has not improved much in a very, very long time.


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