Home remedies for a swollen Uvula

rem1Even though we live in a world of great technological advancement in the health and Science sector; there are still some incredible tried and tested methods out there which have been passed on from generations. Home remedies have been around for 1000’s of years, in fact the Chinese are very solid believers in traditional medication and will very rarely see a western doctor. This apparently is for good reason as some of the oldest people in the world currently live in china and this must stand testament to home remedies and how they can help. Today we’re going to take a look at a specific ailment which is known as a swollen Uvula.

What is the Uvula?

If you open your mouth wide and take a look in the mirror, you’ll see a long fleshy part hanging down from the back of your throat, it’s thin at the top and tapers off into a larger mass at the hanging in. This is known as the Uvula.  It mainly consists of a base of muscled  fibers, racemose glands and connective tissues play a vital role in articulation of sounds and help with the way we talk and interact with others. Unfortunately like many other parts of our bodies this can be prone to swelling or other infections. Swelling or Uvulitis of the uvula is a general problem and is fairly common in many people around the world, so don’t worry yourself too much about it as it can be treated fairly easily.  Usually, swelling or Inflammation occurs because of the infection of bacteria and through the correct use of home remedies or prescription drugs this can be taken care of fairly quickly.


So what are these recipes?

Salt water – Salt water has been the staple of many a household for generations and many a housewive swears by it’s healing properties. You can start to reduce the swelling through the simple act of gargling with warm saline or salt water. This solution can be made with the mixture of a little salt to warm water.


Garlic – Another one of those household staples that many a Grandmother swears by again you can help to reduce the swelling by simply chewing on some fresh garlic gloves. But be warned don’t go near anyone for a few hours ! It’s recommended that you  chew 3 to 4 cloves of garlic to detract the infection and cure an enlarged uvula.


Tumeric – A spice revered all around the world for it’s healing properties and you can apply the same here to reduce the  swelling. You can start by drinking some turmeric infused water If you are suffering from swollen uvula disorder, you can drink a solution by mixing a little turmeric to a cup of cold water.


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