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How to Increase your Workout Intensity

Many people have a hard time increasing the intensity of their workout and some of you are looking for ways on increasing intensity when you’re in the gym. Here are a few ways in this article that may help.


Shorter Rest Periods

Many people are resting way too much between their working sets. They sit around and waste time while not accounting for the time they are resting. This is very important if you’re looking for faster results in the gym. If you’re looking to increase intensity, I would recommend you monitor your rest periods between your sets.

The best way to do so is to grab a stopwatch or download a smartphone app that allows you to input time and let the app count the time for you. For greater intensity during your workouts, decrease your time between your set. One minute and thirty seconds is the perfect place to start and adjust like the rest periods found in my best tricep workout.


Include a Varity of Working Sets

Again, so many people that go to the gym always perform the same type of sets and the same types of workouts. I would recommend that you grab a different workout after four consecutive weeks of doing the same workout. Your body will adapt to the stress of the same workout that is done over and over again with the same workout.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on which workout to change with, I will give you a suggestion. I myself have created a killer tricep workout that you can start with for your specific arm day. Google other workouts where millions of them are available right at your fingertips!


Keeping a Log of Time and Exercises

The worst thing that will affect your intensity in the gym is the fact that you’re not recording the workout exercises and sets. People are doing the same amount of weight for the same exercises which will definitely not help increase intensity, especially progress. Progress is an important key in getting fit and increasing one’s health. Record your workouts and the time spent between sets and progress with each week on the amount of weight and rest between exercises!