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Vaping when Pregnant

vap1The dangers related to smoking during the time of pregnancy are well known. Certainly, smoking when you are pregnant gives harmful effects to your baby. Now the question is that is Vaping when Pregnant a solution for the smokers who wish to quit when they are pregnant? E-cigarettes certainly are less harmful as compared to the tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, the tobacco cigarettes consist of the nicotine and about 4 000 different toxins, on the other hand the e-cigarettes consist of the water, propylene glycol as well as at times nicotine and various hidden toxins as well.  Moreover, there is no uncertainty to the fact that these e-cigarettes are considered to be less harmful. Unluckily, we cannot always say that the process of vaping is very much safe for the women that are pregnant. We might also lack to understand what is in vapour as these are the vapers that are breathing in, to also understand the toxins. Little kind of the chemicals may also be reaching your baby.


Moreover, nicotine is certainly harmful for your baby and moreover you can’t always trust the nicotine-free e-cigarettes for becoming completely nicotine-free. So it is suggested to ignore smoking when you are pregnant.