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Types of incontinence

typeIncontinence basically comes in several different forms as well as proper understanding entire differences between these is really a critical as well as crucial step to move towards the field of recovery. Below mentioned are different types of incontinence

Stress Incontinence It is mainly caused by pelvic muscles as well as sphincter that is being damaged that may also create the bladder for leaking when it would come under any kind of the physical stress

Urge Incontinence It usually refers to the urgent as well as uncontrollable urge for passing the urine that is also coupled with the inability to usually prevent your bladder from releasing the urine. Basically this means that the sufferer would also hit by the need to urinate as well as to try visiting the bathroom on proper time, but is also unable to contain it.

Overflow Incontinence It is basically caused by the incorrect kind of the signal that might also relay to brain as how full your bladder remains to be. The bladder usually becomes full as well as it simply overflows.

Functional Incontinence It is the kind of the incontinence that is also caused by also not being capable to complete normal process for relieving.