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A guide to Testosterone

testoYou’ve probably landed on this page because you’re attending the gym regularly or you’re doing some form of weight training or exercises and now you’re looking to bulk out. Today we’re going to look at testosterone, what is is and how it can be applied to your weight training regime.

What is Testosterone?

Found in both humans and animals, testosterone is a hormone that is produced naturally by a humans or animals body. It does also occur in womands bodies as their ovaries makes testosterone as well, although it’s usually in amounts that are much smaller than those found in a males body.

Around the time of puberty is when Testosterone productions starts to occur in the body and then the levels in the body start to drop in their levels at around the age of 30 or so.


Testosterone is most often associated with sex drive, and it plays a vital role in sperm production and it’s why the saying goes you must have a lot of testosterone when referring to a high sex drive in a make. There are other parts of the body that it affects and they are bone and muscle mass, this is the way men store fat in the body, and even red blood cell production. A man’s testosterone levels can also affect his mood depending on the levels in the body.  A drop in testosterone levels can contribute to some of the following factors.


Moodiness – A general feeling of bad moods and not feeling great.

Weight gain – A common side affect of low testosterone levels is that it can cause weight gain.

Loss of muscle mass – Muscle mass is also affected by small amounts of this hormone in the body.

Diminished libido – Large amount of testosterone in the body can cause a high sex drive and of course the opposite applies with low amount of testosterone.


By topping up the levels of testosterone in the body it can help with both muscle and weight gain and help to achieve those bulking results that you’ve been looking for. It can also help by increasing overall strength and if you have a low sex drive and you’re looking to increase this, then adding this hormone to your body can help with these factors. It’s important to remember though that the hormone can have some bad side affects and before taking any hormones or medicines for that matter you should always consolut a medical professional.

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