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Telemedicine, at times also known as the remote monitoring, also has become new and updated way through which the doctors make the house calls. This is also been well mentioned that the telemedicine helps to push various different kind of boundaries of the traditional technology of medical. The key and the main purpose of the telemedicine is not always for replacing the key healthcare of the person provider, on the other hand even to allow the quite manageable as well as method that can access the complete healthcare in most critical times.


On the other hand, Telemedicine began in early 1960’s through NASA. In the year 1989, NASA has also conducted the initial most international project of telemedicine, Space the Bridge to the Armenia/Ufa, subsequent to the most powerful earthquake that got struck with the Soviet Republic of the Armenia in the month of December in the year 1988. The key purpose of the telemedicine was to permit the astronauts with the direct connection to the doctors for the proper management of important in the outer space; however on the Earth it is also being used for the purpose of medical consultations that are done between the Russia and United States.