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All you need to know about sinus infections

It’s that time of the year where the pollen is in abundance and because the air is hot and sticky it means we’re now prone to various nasal related infections. Sinus infections occurs in many people around the world and depending on different factors in that person the severity differs. There are of course many different remedies and cures on the market which can help relieve this pain to a certain extent. Sinus infections are also known as sinusitis and cause the swelling or inflammation of the tissue area that surrounds the nasal passages.


Are sinus infections contagious? In the majority of cases studies have shown that they are in not fact contagious; there are of course exceptions to this rule and cases have occurred where the infection can be transferred. To give yourself the best chance possible try and avoid close contact with an affected person and don’t share anything that would have been used around the infected area. Good hygiene goes a long way in these cases so always wash your hands as well when coming into contact. That being said; as we mentioned it’s very rare that it is passed on. Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site.