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How to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon

zerifRhinoplasty surgery is the proper term for a “nose job”, and many people get them for different reasons. Those reasons don’t matter – what does matter is making sure that those people get the best possible experience that they can from their rhinoplasty surgery, and that they walk away happy and safe. Remember: out of everything, it’s your health, safety, and your comfort that are most important. If you’re not comfortable the you don’t have to go to that particular surgeon, you can keep looking. If you’re not within travel distance to the best rhinoplasty surgery in Franklin, TN, then you’re going to want to learn what to look for in other surgeons and practices.



Word-of-mouth and the internet are good places to find endorsements of different surgeons. You can start off with using Google to find surgeons in your area, and when you do, follow up by looking up their name with the word “reviews”. Talking to people that you know about surgeons and what they’ve heard or who they might recommend. Make certain that you’re getting reviews of the right sort of surgeon, though – you want information on a good rhinoplasty surgeon.


There are also message boards and blogs that are dedicated to sharing cosmetic surgery information. When looking at reviews of different surgeons, compare what people say about each one’s bedside manner, how the patients felt while in the surgeon’s practice, and their overall experience. When using online sources, be careful. The internet is mostly anonymous, even in this day and age, and you can never be entirely sure how honest these messages might be. As always, if you’re in Tennessee, you can refer to’s online service for details on one group of highly-ranked surgeons.




A genuinely good rhinoplasty surgeon will have a portfolio album that you can flip through that shows before and after shots of previous patients. The more shots a surgeon has of each patient, the better, as getting different views and angles of before and after gives you a better idea of just what their work is like. If you’re getting a deformity looked after, you can study other people that have something similar going on with their noses to see how the surgeon handled that particular problem, and then decide if it was done well.

A rhinoplasty surgeon that doesn’t show off their work should be concerning. It either means that they don’t have work to show off, or that they aren’t proud of what they do, and that should be a problem. Avoid this sort of surgeon – they cannot show you what they might do to your face, it simply isn’t worth taking the risk.



Every single rhinoplasty surgeon must have the proper licensing in order for them to be able to legally perform a surgery. Having a medical license at least shows that the surgeon has been through medical school and that they have at least gone through an internship with the license holder. At the state level, the board of medicine can give you more information about this particular surgeon – including any time they’ve been disciplined for a reportable infraction. If the doctor has gone through a malpractice suit, this is one place you’ll find out about it. If your surgeon is reputable, their license will be free of any issues.

When checking up on your doctor’s medical license, look into their malpractice history. Complaints that don’t lead to suits are often frivolous, though you ought to definitely be wary of a surgeon with many judgements or settlements against them.


Another good measure of the quality of a surgeon is the way they conduct a consultation. If you seek cosmetic nose surgery in Brentwood and meet with one of the surgeons, how they treat you will be the deciding factor. Any surgeon should be able to effectively diagnose your problem, come up with an effective plan, and give you all of the information you’ll need to make your final decision – including recovery time and what you’ll need to do to prepare. You’re not going to see a scripted infomercial. Your surgeon should be listening to what you say and thoroughly explaining their reasoning for their particular treatment approach, performing a complete nasal exam, and explaining all of the potential risks. A good surgeon wants an informed patient.

If none of this happens and they just want you to jump into picking out a nose style before you’ve even had time to explain exactly what’s going on, it’s time to walk out of there. They don’t have your best interests in mind – they just want your money, and they won’t care what the outcome is like. Don’t trust your face to this sort of person.


A specialist’s work will be more focused than that of a generalist, and they will produce better results. Generally, someone who specialises in the face will be what you’re looking for, even if they don’t say that they focus on rhinoplasty. You’ll know for sure based upon their portfolio and what their work looks like, as someone with a focus on the nose will have better nose work available to show off than someone who does not. When you go for a nose job in Nashville, TN, you’ll want to select the surgeon whose speciality is rhinoplasty, regardless, and not one who gravitates toward breast enhancements.


For the purpose of obtaining a rhinoplasty, it’s important to thoroughly investigate potential surgeons to make sure that you know exactly who you’re trusting to handle your face. You want a surgeon whose work looks realistic, who has an understanding of matching features up to the face, who doesn’t have malpractice judgements levied against them, and who appears to take pride in their work. When you work with online service, you know you’re getting the best that Tennessee has to offer. You will be well taken care of, and you’ll leave completely satisfied with our work.