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In Home Non-Medical Care

teamWhen you have someone you care about greatly who is getting older you almost always want them to live as independently as possible. However with age comes a need for a little bit extra help at times and unfortunately not everyone is able to create more time of their own to do so. Fortunately there are options that provide elderly people to provide personalized care without the need of paying extensive nursing home fees.

While there is an on-going cost of in home non-medical care it usually pales in comparison in the monthly fees nursing homes charge, while still providing the elderly person to live a life with dignity and independence. As people get older they often do need more help and support, so granting them the freedom to live how they desire and be able to do the tasks they wish is vital for them to live out their remaining years in happiness.


In Home Non-Medical Care

team3In home non-medical care provides a level of personalized care that takes place within the confides of a loved one’s home. They can provide a professional level of care ranging from home health aides to nurses depending on the requirements, and you will receive an initial visit to ensure all of the patients’ needs are met.

This service is often covered by Medicare and insurance plans, and will allow for an affordable service to be provided by professionals. These professionals must go through rigorous testing requirements as well as background checks to ensure they are the very best that can be provided.

The purpose of non-medical care is to maintain a level of independence elderly people desire. This can be an extra pair of helping hands with the shopping, simply companionship, housekeeping, or a helper for appointments. They will receive a professional who has the capabilities to administer first aid or CPR in the event it is required.

Understanding the needs that suits you

Often some patients will require a combination of medical and non-medical care. If the patient is suffering from illnesses such as dementia they will need the extra support that medical care can provide. However if the patient is capable of supporting themselves but just require a little bit of extra help to maintain the quality of life they desire and deserve non-medical care is well suited.

team4We all have loved ones we care and worry about as they get older, and many do not feel it is a suitable environment for them in a care home. The choices that need to be made and the level of service they need can be determined through a discussion with a professional home care agency who will work with you to ensure your loved one receives the very best.

In home non medical care provides many people with the freedom and enjoyment they look for in their closing years of life. If you feel this service may benefit someone you love, it is recommended you seek out a professional who can meet their needs today.

If you would like to find out more please visit you can see the list of patient services they offer here and the locations they’re available in. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the staff who will be more than happy to help.