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Keep your mind and body sharp

health1Staying strong, healthy, sharp and focused will ensure that you lead a happy and healthy life, sure there are aspects that are fairly easy such as physical exercise as you’ll be able to start with some light training and then move onto more advanced training as your body develops.  It’s important that you not only stay physically fit, but mentally fit as well. So how do you do that, you may ask.. Well if you follow some of these simple tips then I would suggest taking some of these tips onboard to ensure not only a healthy body but a healthy mind as well.


You can start by training your mind as much as possible, this can start with simple things like trying to remember as much about a place you’ve travelled too or even objects or items in your surroundings.  Facial features are another great way to train your mind, try to remember the most minute details and visualise and picture these in your mind, you can even draw a detailed sketch of what you can remember. Just remember that Having keen observations will improve mental powers so don’t just concentrate on keeping your body healthy, but your mind as well, as it’s incredibly important.