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The truth about medical waste

As humans we tend to produce a lot of waste; this applies not only to our personal lives but there are businesses that produce a huge amount of waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly and ethically of course. Today we’ll focus on the industry of medical waste and what causes it, how to reduce it and most importantly how we can reduce the impact on our environment.



The term itself ‘Medical Waste’ identifies the origins of this particular type of waste and it is predominant in health care institutions around the world, hospitals being the main cause of medical waste, but there are also smaller facilities such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, physicians’ offices, dental offices, any type of blood or bodily fluid banks and there are also a multitude of research facilities that produce untold amounts of medical waste. The terms medical waste is defined by any solid waste that is produced/generated through treatment, diagnosis or immunisation of either human beings or animals. It can be broken down into the following categories



  • Bandages used for treatments
  • Research dishes such as culture dishes and other glassware
  • Surgical gloves that are used in operations or treatments
  • Instruments used for operations or treatments
  • Medical needles used either for treatments or extractions of bodily fluids
  • Inoculation treatments such as cultures, stocks or swabs
  • Body organs from either humans or animals such as hearts, lungs, tonsils, appendices and any other bodily organ
  • Lancets that have been discarded after use.


Now we’ve gone through a brief overview of what medical waste constitutes, let’s have a more in depth look at what the correct procedure is for medical waste disposal. The disposal of this type of waste needs to be undertaken only by professionals with the correct equipment and procedures in place to ensure that no diseases, germs or other bodily fluids can be transferred to another human or animal.  Hospitals treat their waste with the utmost care as the smallest leak can become a potentially huge biohazard, and of course there are huge legal implications when handling this type of waste. Another big factor is that it can cause untold damage to the environment if not disposed of correctly, be it on your local beach or some unspoilt mountains where unscrupulous people will illegally dump this kind of waste.  It’s important that it’s managed correctly due to a few underlying factors such as :

Health and Wellbeing – The risk of containments being spread through the incorrect disposal or handling of medical waste is huge and should be left to the professionals.

Sharp Items – Can lead to the risk of infection, the world is just starting to get over the AIDS epidemic and this originally was spread widely through the use of infected syringes being shared both between drug users and in hospitals.


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