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Study Finds Marijuana Vaporizer Use Diminishes Toxin Exposure

Numerous doctors and medicinal marijuana users feel that inhaling cannabis vapor through an herbal vaporizer pen, weed vaporizer desktop device, or marijuana vaporizer portable, is better for the body than smoking weed. These aren’t just opinions either. There is actually a study that appeared in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics that shows vapor contains fewer toxins than smoke.

Marijuana Vaporizer

Details on the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics Study

Conducted by Chemic Labs for California NORML and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies with funds from the Marijuana Policy Project, the research study examined how vapor from a specific strain of marijuana compared to smoke produced from the same type of cannabis. For the study, scientists used a Volcano marijuana vaporizer to produce vapor and marijuana cigarettes to produce smoke. The vapor and smoke were collected and tested with an instrument known as a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. The study found that:


  1. Roughly 95 percent of the chemical content of the cannabis vapor was comprised of the active chemicals found in marijuana, namely THC, cannabinol (CBN), and one other trace cannabinoid.


  1. Only about 12 percent of the smoke from cannabis contained the three psychoactive substances.


  1. Only 5 percent of cannabis vapor harbored materials that were not cannabinoids. There were only three additional compounds found in the vapor: a chemical that is very similar to cannabinoids, an oil that gives cannabis it’s scent, and one polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon or PAH, a substance that could have toxic potential.


  1. The majority of the smoke, roughly 88 percent, was comprised of substances that were not cannabinoids. Scientists identified 111 compounds in the smoke, including six potentially toxic PAHs.


  1. The vapor sample had much higher levels of CBN than the smoke sample. CBN is actually the substance believed to provide many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis.


What Can Be Concluded

Based on the data collected by the researchers, the studies led the team to the conclusion that:


– Vapor exposes the body to significantly fewer toxins than marijuana smoke, indicating that it would be safer to use over longer periods.


– Vapor exposes the body to fewer irritants, meaning there is less of a risk of side effects like coughing when vaping.


– Vapor provides a higher concentration of cannabinoids than smoke and treats the body to more CBN. As a result, vapor is likely to be more therapeutic than smoke.


Further Study Needed

While the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics paints a very positive picture, more research is definitely needed to confirm that vaporizing cannabis is more beneficial and safer than smoking. Specifically, scientists still need to examine how other types of vaporizers, like vaporizer pens, compare to the desktop vaporizer used in this study. Still, the study can help those who are looking to benefit from medical cannabis to make a more informed decision about the best way to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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