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How Marijuana Legalization Threatens Skokie Employers

Drug2In this year, it is quite true that potentially nine U.S. states will contend with new recreational marijuana ballot initiatives, essentially making marijuana legal in those states.  Among those, Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, Illinois, and California are the target areas for expanding the treatment of marijuana to make it more like how alcohol is treated, which may produce significant outcomes to the workplace landscape and some intensive changes there.  Various other states will grapple with introducing or widening medical marijuana policies, widely viewed as the first step toward becoming recreational-marijuana friendly and making it okay, but consider this: If just the state of California alone has a change in law, one-sixth of U.S. employees will live in states where recreational marijuana use is legal.


As the proponents and advocates supporting legalization continue to argue for a tax-and-regulate scheme that could potentially bring marijuana, “under control”, (a philosophical argument that has not yet been proven successful at all), Americans in general tend to hear the positive-sounding arguments become more amicable to allowing the drug to be legalized.  A broad cross-section of people feel most usually that, because they do not use marijuana at all, changing laws will not affect them one way or another.  This could not be further from the truth.  One need not look any further than the thousands of fatalities that have occurred due to under the influence driving in Colorado to know that even if one does not abuse marijuana, it can still affect him or her.  This could bode very ill for Skokie too; an area that already struggles with a lot of illegal and illicit drug abuse of its own. This is exactly why it is important to have a drug rehab referral service available in the area in case a loved ones addiction gets so bad, any further consequences or problems can be stopped with a referral to any drug rehab Illinois.


How Employers’ Rights are Affected


A much closer review of the employer allowances in the newly proposed legislative framework(s) for states with pending proposals shows a very, very concerning trend toward restrictions of the employers’ rights in these areas.  For example, whereas the first few states that implemented laws permitting the recreational use of marijuana contained strong statements in favor of employers’ rights, more recent versions of similar proposals contain wording that is quite concerning and quite frightening in fact.  For example, Illinois’s initiative creates a strong argument that, although an employer can have policies restricting the use of marijuana, “the employer cannot discipline the employee until they can prove the employee (1) performed a task under the influence (2) that constitutes negligence or professional malpractice.”  What could this mean for Skokie, an area that already struggles a lot with drug abuse and really does not need the nation’s number one gateway drug becoming legal!  This is in truth a far cry from zero tolerance and is not in line at all with how we would expect alcohol to be treated in the workplace for example.


Most treatment admissions to rehab centers for an addiction crisis, (41.4 percent in fact), involved alcohol abuse.  Heroin and other opiates accounted for the largest percentage of drug-related admissions (20.0 percent all in all), followed by marijuana, (coming in third at 17.0 percent).  All other drugs took up the remainder of the percentages.  Still though, seventeen percent of those who go to rehab go for marijuana addiction.  If this is legalized in Illinois, it will bode very ill for Skokie.


If marijuana is legalized in Skokie then having a drug rehab Skokie is crucial at this point. Skokie and any city in Illinois is very troubled with the high addiction and drug abuse rate especially with heroin. There are many drug rehabilitation referral options in order to find the best rehab center for you or an individual.