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Dealing with lower back pain


Staying fit and healthy through regular exercise is incredibly important for many reasons, of course the primary reason being that we want to live as long as possible, but there are other reasons, as we get older our bodies become more fragile and we can start to experience pains in various areas. More often than not these pains can be reduced through regular exercises, muscle stretches and other fitness activities such as Pilates or yoga, of course if you’re desk bound for work then it’s incredibly important that you use the correct posture everyday as this can be one of the main causes of lower back pain. Today we’ll be focusing on the symptoms, causes and treatment for lower back pain and how you can either reduce these pains if you currently have them, or more importantly you can start to put preventative measures in place to stop this happening in the future.



There are a multitude of reasons that can cause lower back pain, as we mentioned earlier posture is often the leading cause of this, but of course there are others such as spinal defects, trapped nerves, problems with muscles and if you’ve been involved in an accident this can also be a cause of this pain. We know how difficult it can be to live with lower back pain and often regular medication does not help with the pain and it can be incredibly difficult for medical professionals to pin point reasons for back pain.  First of all you need to look at what can be causing this pain and whether you can remedy the situation. Sleeping is often a cause of pain, so you can try changing sleeping positions until you find a position your comfortable with and the pain starts to reduce.


Lumber pressure is another cause of back pain and this can be caused by various physical work you’re doing as well as placing pressure on the lumber area by using incorrect posture positions when working, you can start by trying to reduce your work loads as well as focusing on what may be causing the lumber pressure on your day to day activities.  Kidneys can also be a leading cause of pain that is located in the lower back area, it can range from kidney stones, kidney infections and various other elements which are causing the pain to travel through your lower back area.

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