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Illinois Now Requiring Alcohol Servers to Complete Training Program

drugIllinois Now Requiring Alcohol Servers to Complete Training Program


Alcohol plays a very important role in the American society. Professionals have created two different categories for drinkers in society: northern and southern. These categories are based on the drinking habits of two different types of cultures. The southern drinking category is characterized by moderate levels of drinking throughout the day. The northern drinking category is characterized by heavy drinking, drunk drinking, and drinking a few times a week. Americans in general fall into the northern style of drinking. Over-consuming alcohol is dangerous on a variety of levels. Over-serving consumers is one of the causes for intoxication. Bartenders normally must complete some sort of training before they are allowed to begin tending bar. This training helps them be able to recognize possible problem drinkers and other dangerous situations. Servers, on the other hand, are customarily not required to complete that type of training. Illinois is now requiring alcohol servers to complete training program. If the servers hadn’t completed any training programs then they wouldn’t have known when to stop serving intoxicated individuals more alcohol. If ever it gets out of hand then referring the individual to a drug rehab Illinois is a good idea.


New Law for Alcohol Servers


The Public Act 99-0046 is now requiring those serving alcohol to complete the Beverage Alcohol Sellers/Servers Education and Training, or BASSET, every three years. The new act places all the responsibility of the training on the establishment. Employees of bars and restaurants must complete four hours of training. This training helps employees identify and handle intoxicated patrons. It will also help them in verifying ages on identifications. These educational classes cost roughly $50-$75, but are available for as little as $15. New hires must complete the training within 90 days. Reminders will be sent to various establishments to ensure that they are up to date. Any business that cannot present the proper documents from training will be shut down immediately. These educational requirements will help those in the service industry identify and prevent alcohol abuse in various establishments. These mandatory educational services can help to reduce alcohol-related injury and accidents by stopping them before they happen. Servers who can spot a problematic drinker or be able to handle a situation where someone has over-consumed, can likely reduce the amount of alcohol-related injuries. By forcing accountability on the establishments, the state can reduce costs and better enforce the mandatory training by penalizing the establishment.


Dangers of Alcohol Abuse


The Center for Disease Control states that there are 88,000 deaths related to excessive drinking. Individuals sometimes do not consider the danger they put themselves in when they drink in excess. Excess drinking greatly reduces a person’s inhibitions. If you know any individual that drinks excessively then a drug rehab Chicago Illinois is the best place to start their alcohol abuse recovery. A normally calm and collected individual who weighs their decisions carefully can turn into a raving lunatic ready to jump into whatever is in front of them. There are roughly 100,000 deaths per year in alcohol-related causes; drinking and driving accidents, accidents, falls, fires, homicides and suicides. Alcohol abuse is the third highest cause of death in the U.S. due to the 80,000 alcohol related deaths per year.


According to the Center or Disease Control, there are 30 fatalities related to impaired driving. This number equates to one death every 51 minutes. Drunk driving has been a major issue in the United States for decades. Even after all of the statistics and penalties, it is still a major issue. Billboard ads and commercials are abundant across the country. It costs an average DUI offender $10,000 in fines and legal fees, if they are lucky. Individuals that injury property or others can be sentenced to several years in prison. These statistics are astonishing considering taxis, car services, and Uber services are abundant. By forcing these educational classes on alcohol-selling facilities, Illinois can more efficiently reduce the damage and injury caused by over-serving.