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Honest Dieting

honestPart of changing your diet is accountability, and if you’re trouble, honestdieting will keep you on track. With a large database of weight loss, nutrition, and exercise-related blog articles, as well as a lack of ads and no attempts to sell product to its readers, this site’s approach is honest in more than one way. They’re up-front about not being there to sell. Considering the purpose of most diet and weight loss sites is to sell you something, this is a big deal. They also update at least once per day, providing engaging content on a regular basis and making sure that readers aren’t bored waiting for the next blog post.

If you’re looking for a blog about dieting and weight loss that is completely, 100% honest, no holds barred, then honestdieting is for you. They really are honest. They really are up-front. Their advice is good, and they are here to help – even if you don’t quite like what they might have to say, at first.