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Hepatitis C symptoms and treatment

hepHepatitis C is a disease that affects the liver area of the body and causes inflammation of the liver, this can be caused by bad consumption of certain substances like narcotics, other diseases, abuse of alcohol as well as bacterial and viral infections these are all leading causes of hepatitis. Hepatitis is a common term for the family of viral infections that affect the liver in a human being. There are various types of hepatitis but the most common forms are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B as well as Hepatitis C.


The former are all caused by three different viruses, it’s common for each of these to cause common symtpons which means it can be difficult to diagnose at the early stages of the disease. There are different treatment levels and these will depend on the type of virus, for example hepatitis A appears only as an acute or a newly occurring infection and will not become chronic and can often be treated fairly easily. Hepatitis C can also begin as an acute infection in some cases though the virus will remain in the body and does require treatment such as Sovaldi Generic . Sovaldi Generic tablets are mostly used by oral surgeon and in most cases the surgeon or GP will recommend this or other drugs on a prescription. If you would like to find out more information please visit this about page here.