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Heating Pads

pain1Have you ever seen a website that’s entirely about heating pads? Meet, which is just that – a blog for helping those of us with pain issues find ways to get relief, with the focus being on heating pads. The person behind the website had a discussion with their husband about just what the “best” heating pad is, and after some research, decided to start the website as a safe place for people to share their experiences with heating pads and other pain relief methods. The team here reviews heating pads and other products, providing information based upon their own experiences, to help readers find the right product for their needs.



This blog is written in an engaging, conversational style, and everybody is really helpful. Their reviews point out the pros and cons of the product that they’re covering, making it easier to decide which item is the right pick. Chronic pain sufferers, rejoice! The people at have you covered.