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Is there any link between Erectile Dysfunction (Generic Viagra) and Heart Diseases?

Heart disease nowadays is a common phenomenon due to the lifestyles most of us live. Earlier there were comparatively less treatments available in case of emergency for a heart attack. Today, time has changed for the better. Heart diseases can be treated and can be traced at an earlier stage. Thanks to the advent of medical science and treatment methodologies, people across the world suffering due to heart ailments can heave a sigh of relief.

Heart diseases can be treated, if they are diagnosed at an early stage. If you are experiencing certain symptoms you should surely consult the doctor and get yourself treated at the earliest stage. Commonly, when a person is diagnosed with a heart ailment, the doctor tries to trace back the clinical history. Most of the patients either have a family history or linkage to cholesterol or Diabetes which can cause a heart Disease. Even diseases like Erectile Dysfunction disorders are found to have a connection with the heart disease. Erectile dysfunction is the disease which prevents men from having a normal erection during sexual intercourse. Across the world, millions of men are suffering from this symptom. Doctors have found out that there may be a connection between ED and heart disease. Doctors suggest that cure for ED Disease is dosages of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

What can be the connection between ED and Heart disease?

Scientists and Doctors who are keeping a close watch to understand the connection between ED and heart disease have come to the conclusion that Atherosclerosis can be the root cause. Now Atherosclerosis which is the hardening of arteries results in the buildup of plaques in the arteries. When the plaques are built up, it results in blocking of normal blood flow to the areas. Normally small arteries get blocked at first. Since the arteries carrying blood to the penis is small, it gets blocked easily. Thus erection becomes painful. When a person gets an erectile dysfunction, he should immediately consult a doctor and rule out the risk of a heart disease also.

Many a times, ED  can be seen as an alert to cardiovascular disease since the larger arteries supplying blood to the heart and other vital organs can be affected.  Doctors who have been conducting clinical research have done several experiments on heart patients and have found out that those having ED were at  a higher risk of heart attacks and relating diseases. People who did not have ED disease were not at much risk of heart attacks. ED disease could be cured with a dose of Generic Viagra. You can buy these doses of Generic Viagra Online.



Another point that was noted during the research was the common symptoms of Heart attacks and Erectile Dysfunction.

Diabetes: patients who suffered from ED and heart attacks normally have higher blood sugar levels and are known to be Diabetic

Cholestrol: Higher Cholesterol levels are seen in the patients suffering from Heart diseases and ED

High blood pressure: Yet another symptom which is common between heart patients and erectile dysfunction patients

Obesity and overweight: Persons who are obese are prone to ED and heart attacks.

Family history of heart attacks: if your family member has a history of heart disease, you can surly do a check up for ED and heart ailment.

If the doctor you are consulting is feeling that there is a connection between ED and heart attack, you should follow his advice and do the treatment. You can use simple methods like a lifestyle change or an exercise to keep yourself healthy. Patients suffering from heart diseases should not use medications for erectile dysfunction. Thus go for a combined treatment for ED and heart ailment and keep yourself fit.