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Maintaining Good Health and Fitness is Essential for Living a Fruitful Life

healthGood health is more than just being disease free. In order to enjoy good health you must enjoy physical fitness as well as complete emotional, physical and spiritual well being. If you wish to achieve and enjoy lasting success and fulfillment you must enjoy good health throughout your life. There are numerous instances of people who earned millions of dollars and when the time came to enjoy the fruits of their success they couldn’t because of failing health. Simple steps like daily exercise, a good diet and shopping for health products online can help you maintain a longer life.



Many successful people end up with depression, heart disease and diabetes by the time they touch the 50s because they never thought about working towards good health and ultimately the sedentary lifestyle, fast food and stress take their toll through loss of health, mobility and the ability to make any meaningful contributions to their families and society. The doctor’s clinic or the hospital becomes their second address.



By the time disease strikes it is too late and no amount of wealth, education or advanced learning can bring these people back to health. That is why it is said that ‘health is wealth’. Modern education and society put a premium on career, money and fame rather than cultivating healthy habits. Therefore most people don’t take their health seriously until they become seriously ill and it is too late to come back to health fully.



The first step towards sustained good health is developing regular and healthy eating habits. It is important to eat healthy food that is natural and nutritious. Your diet must include green and leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and lot of fibers. As a major portion of your body consists of water you must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Avoid eating fast food and all types of low fiber, high fat and high sugar junk food as much as possible.



Like rest movement is also very important for physical fitness. Regular exercise is important to keep our bodies fit and fine. Any type of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Simple things like taking the steps instead of the elevator, walking to the nearest mall rather than using your car and walking your dog can also provide the exercise your body needs. Find innovative ways to exercise your body. Whenever you find time you can walk, run or jog. If you have the time then you can learn and practice aerobics, tai chi, kick boxing or spend an hour in the gym. But don’t wait until you can do so.

To enjoy sustained good health you must have adequate sleep. Your body needs at least seven hours of sound sleep every day to remain healthy and fit. This sleep is essential to recharge your body for the next day’s work. Make sure that the environment in your bedroom is comfortable by adjusting the temperature and humidity to comfortable levels. If you are having sleep problems then try maintaining regular sleeping hours and avoid exciting activities, alcohol and other stimulants before bed time. Make sure that your bed, mattress and pillow are comfortable.


Stress seems to be the inevitable consequence of modern life full of cut throat competition and business and workplace rivalry. Stress weakens the immune system, drains mental, emotional and physical energy thereby lowering performance and productivity. Stress is a silent killer because it takes time to show signs of damage but the damages done over a long period of time are usually deep and irreversible. Therefore, like regular exercise, taking steps to release stress on a regular basis through meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music and other stress busting techniques, is very important. Often simple things such as taking time off regularly or pursuing a hobby completely unrelated to your work are good enough to relieve stress.


It is said that happiness is a state of mind. Therefore it is important to develop a positive attitude towards life. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, learn to count your blessings and show gratitude for what you already have. Smile often because it will not only make you happy but being infectious it will make others happy too. An optimistic and cheerful attitude towards life will help you in maintaining good health to a great extent. Take everyday as it comes and try to live it fully without being attached to the results. Look at life as a journey rather than a destination. Spiritual health is all about enjoying the journey called life.


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