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STD Symptons and how to avoid them

We live on a world where advancements in medicine have allowed us to eradicate many diseases and viruses that were once very prevalent. Sexually transmitted diseases are just one of these areas where advancements in medicines have helped a lot in this area. Africa is a country that once used to be riddled with aids; thanks now to anti retro viral drugs many people who are affected are able to lead much longer and at times healthier lives. Of course all of this just goes to show how important practicing safe sex is as there are many other diseases out there such as gonorrhoea which if left un treated can cause long term problems.


Gonorrhea symptoms include :

For female – In most cases females may experience abnormal discharge from the vagina, or yellowish or whitish color, pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area, and a burning sensation when urinating


For Males – Many males will experience a yellowish or whitish discharge, coming from their penises. The burning sensation when urinating is present in men also, and testicles may start to become painful and sensitive. This is only a few of the occurring symptons should you be in any doubt at all it’s always advisable to contact your nearest medical professional.


We hope this article has helped you today and as always remember to stay safe and healthy.