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Fat Strippers: The Truth

Fat strippers or fat burners as they are commonly called are very popular within the supplement industry. You always hear of the average Joe at the gym ask about what the best fat stripper is and how long does it take to work. Fat burners are supplements, they supplement a great diet and training routine. It’s also important to note many fat burners on the market are bunk, they are created by marketing companies purely for their high profit margins. This is why it’s important to investigate the ingredients in the product before purchasing and using. Fat burners are a tool and should be used by people who have their diet and training on point. Let’s get in to the 5 major points about fat burners.


  1. Diet is 80% of the battle

You always see this phrase across bodybuilding magazines, blogs and social media. It’s true. Diet is 805 of the battle. The most important factor behind fat loss is consuming less calories than your caloric maintenance. You will lose weight if you’re in a deficit. Optimising your diet to have more protein and/or less carbs or fats is the next step. Some people react better to lower carb and some lower fat, you need to be patient with trial and error. Before thinking of taking a fat burner make sure your diet is on point and measure your fat loss rate for 4 weeks on a proper fat loss diet.


  1. Planning and Goal Setting

Planning your diet and setting realistic goals is more important than taking a diet pill and hoping for the best. You can expect fat loss in the region of 1-3 pounds depending on how aggressive your caloric deficit is. Plan your weeks and set goals. An example would be to lose 1 pound a week, to do this you will need to train 3-5 times a week, eat 2000 calories a day and make sure protein is above 175g per day. This is an example. Write it down and measure.


  1. More is not better

Consuming more fat burner pills will not mean more weight loss. It doesn’t even mean you will get any weight loss. Make sure point 1 and 2 are in place and consume the recommended dosages. You need to assess your tolerance to the supplement and over time gradually increase the dosage but put a limit on the amount due to safety.


  1. Quality Matters

The quality of the fat burner and the ingredients matters. Buying cheap fat burners with ridiculous claims will get you nowhere. Make sure the fat burner has scientific evidence behind it and the ingredients used are from the best sources. Many fat burners will use caffeine, green tea and bitter orange extract. 3 basic compounds widely used. More advanced fat burners offer even better ingredients so make sure you research them and ask the company where they source their goods. Going with reputable fat burners backed by research like Warrior Blaze is a good start.


  1. Fat Burners are tools only

Fat burners should only be used towards the end of your diet. Most people can diet for 6 weeks and lose water weight and a few pounds but stop once it gets hard. Your body starts fighting back and energy levels drop. You need to be mentally strong to push through this. Utilising a high quality fat burner here can help give you energy, suppress your appetite and push you past those mental blocks. Using them as an effective tool is the best way.