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The healthier alternative to smoking

vapeUnless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that the smoking industry has been taken by storm in the last 5 years or so; with the inventions of vaporisers, the large tobacco companies are now scrambling as they realise a healthy alternative to their cancer causing products is now on the market. Vaporisers essentially burn of all if not most of the harmful chemicals when smoking, they work at such a high heat that they affectively vaporise the organic material you use inside the vaporiser.

This means that you inhale only the parts that are necessary for intake when smoking. Smoking tobacco can be such a filthy addiction for those that are around you and especially those that don’t smoke.  Those that don’t smoke will know that being in a confined space with a smoker is not a pleasant place to be due to the horrible smoke smells. Well this is one of the great advantages of using an electronic cigarettes as they have little to no smell. So don’t delay, start being better to your health today and get yourself a vape!