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Eat What App – Your healthy eating app

eat1Apps really have taken many steps forward since they became popular with the rise of smartphones. Previously they were often found to be buggy, or difficult to download. However most of these problems have been addressed and due to the accesability of smartphone devices and the platforms used to create apps it is now easier than ever to find high quality purposeful apps.


Apps can help enhance your life in many different ways. Many people mainly use apps to play games, just a boredom killer to waste some time. However despite gaming apps crowding the marketplace there has been plenty of useful lifestyle apps that aim to fulfil a need. Some apps may track how many steps you take in a day, others may easily convert between different currencies or units, others like the Eat What app aims to help you have a healthier lifestyle.

eat3The purpose of Eat What.

The app Eat What provides an interesting way to let you know what is good and healthy in your food. It works extremely simply, just scan your bar code found on your food and it will analyse what it consists of. Then it will tell you all the good and healthy stuff inside.

It particularly helps those who are on a diet plan and looking to cut out certain foods. When you scan the barcode you will find out if your food contains a certain ingredient, additive, or if something should be avoided depending on your diet plan. This will allow your journey to losing weight or problem of avoiding certain foods much easier.

Combined with the diet store, you will find various nutrition profiles prepared by specialist exprt dieticians. These are available as an in app purchase, but the quality of information that is perfectly curated to your exact circumstances and preferences adds plenty of value.


Eating healthy has become an increasingly difficult task, with so many processed foods being on the marketplace, particularly in foods you might not expect them too, and it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This modern trend of high sugar, high fat, and high calories only looks to continue, as bulk food manufacturers look for plenty of different avenues to ensure the cost is kept low.

The Eat What app is different unique and one of a kind, by having the smart technology allowing it to read barcodes it could not be simpler to input the information for the app to compute. This app will revolutionize your life and make it easier than ever to see what really is in your food and help you avoid the stuff you want too.

The app itself is currently available on the iPhone iOS app store as well as the Android marketplace. This ensures all those with a modern smartphone will be able to take advantage of the flexibility and the ease of use provided by the app. To download, click the link below to be taken to the store.

iPhone Eat What Lite

Android Eat What