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Benefits of Alcohol: What Schaumburg Residents Need to Know About the Dangers

DrugThe truth is some people truly do believe that drinking a little alcohol on a daily basis can actually have various assorted health benefits, especially for things like staving off a heart disease.  However, these benefits are limited at best, and the truth is that this thinking can be a slippery slope to say the very least.


This has been a common and regular belief for some time, but American really need to knock off this thinking especially as the 21st century has arrived on the heels of the absolute worst alcohol addiction crisis the likes of which this nation has not seen since the 1920s and even then some experts argue that this epidemic is actually far worse.  According to a recent article published in Medical Daily, people like seeing the studies that talk about the health benefits of alcohol.  They like seeing these because it often justifies drinking.  The issue is really, however, that these studies suggest there could be a strong and dangerous link, but they don’t offer actual, definitive proof that it actually benefits heart health, truthfully.  To the point of detriment though, many people actually go so far as to take these reports at their word and may as a result end up drinking more than they should.  This is all found and proved by a new study from researchers at the University of California in San Francisco. Individuals need to learn how much alcohol is actually healthy and how much is actually bad for you. They can seek a drug rehab Schaumburg where they can get 24/7 support on this issue and have all their questions answered by a specialist in the drug and alcohol recovery industry.


Why Alcohol is More Dangerous Than Beneficial


The study mentioned above actually discovered that a strong thirty-nine percent of people believe alcohol is unhealthy for the heart; thirty percent believe it’s beneficial, and thirty-one percent were unsure.  Researchers pointed out as a side note that eighty percent of people who said alcohol was heart healthy learned about its “benefits” through various media reports, not certified medical data.  These people also consumed an average of forty-seven percent more alcohol than those who said it wasn’t healthy.  There is no question at all that alcohol is pushed on the American populace, and the consumption of it is highly encouraged in modern day society.


It is particularly interesting from this to note that those who believe alcohol to be heart healthy actually drink more alcohol than those who do not believe this.  This has been a key issue in Schaumburg and that is why Schaumburg is continuing to raise awareness on this issue and get the word out in the community that they have a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg in place for this specific reason.  This is a city in Chicago, Illinois that has a pretty and alcohol problem partially brought on by all of the bad drug problems that have been occurring there as well.  As a result of the above studies, it is now far past time when those addicted and abusing in Schaumburg seriously rethink their beliefs and thoughts about alcohol.  The truth is, when it comes to getting drunk on a regular basis, it is simply not worth the risk and it is not worth the detrimental effects that it has on one’s health.