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Mountainville Dental Provides More than Dentistry

Allentown, PA, is home to the Lehigh Historical Society, the classical Allentown Symphony Hall, and the Allentown Art Museum. It is a town that takes pride in heritage and history, and the people of Allentown seek excellence in all endeavors. This is why Mountainville Dental is a fixture within the community. Mountainville Dental provides exceptional services for families and individuals who seek quality care and treatment. The dental facility specializes in implants, restorations, and quality diagnostics. This essentially enables patients to receive all their dental needs in one office visit. Listed below are areas in which Mountainville Dental provides much more than standard dentistry.


Knowledge-Based Treatment


The saying, “knowledge is power” certainly applies to Mountainville dental. Once you visit their website, it is easy to see why they quickly gain the trust of those who choose them. By offering this service, they take pride in knowing they are educating patients ensuring them that all restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry needs are properly applied. One of the areas in which they excel is that they do not advise patients to get needless services. Second opinions are welcome, as patients deserve to have their questions answered. After-care instructions, in regard to more complex procedures like restorative or emergency practices, are thorough and the patient leaves with complete understanding of their needs and treatment.


Industry-Leading Tooth Alignment


            Fastbraces is a new technology that benefits both children and adults. It is innovative in that the treatments provide faster results than standard braces. Compare this to the years it took for standard braces to make a difference.  It is easy to see why patients choose this option through Mountainville Dental. Additionally, the Fastbraces option enables you to save money during the process. Certain aspects of the procedure take only weeks or months, depending upon whether you need ortho or cosmetic cases.


Experience Plus Care Equals Success


            The team at Mountainville Dental uses the latest technology in their procedures. Dr. Burt and his team of qualified dental professionals do everything they can to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. He takes the time to listen to the patient’s needs so that he can properly treat the issue effectively. Having the procedure explained in advance eases anxiety in most people. Patients who still feel anxious can choose sedation options. Advanced technologies including NTI, lasers, CEREC, and CBCT scanning are used on a daily basis.


Allentown residents can attest to the fact that Dr. Burt and his staff are a great choice for the entire family. Children and adults receive specialized treatment. They recognize that children wish to feel comfortable, so stress is eased through friendly interactions. Adults are respected and are provided with the latest technologies and usable information as well. Understanding the mindset of people of different ages is a skill in its own right. The professionals at Mountainville Dental are up to the task. The highest-quality care is provided to all patients who visit this facility.