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Find the best Dead Sea products online

logodDo you know what the dead sea is? If not, let us take you on a little journey not only explaining what and where the dead sea is, but some of the amazing benefits of products that have been created from the mineral wealth within the dead sea. Of course, if you’re already aware of this great natural phenomenon you may want to read on anyway as you may learn a thing or 2.

It can often be referred to as the Salt Sea among many other names and is geographically located in Jordan which is just to the East of Israel. It’s a large lake that spans miles in both diameter and width and is known as a hypersaline lake, which basically translates to “it’s full of incredibly mineral rich salts” These salts are used in medicines and cosmetics across the world. One such company that is creating amazing products from this natural mineral resource is Dead Sea Cosmetic and you can see some of their great Dead sea products here.



They are a local company which means they are based in Israel and all of their products are manufactured their. Which ultimately means they are able to support their local economy in the process. Even single one of their products are produced with the strictest quality standards and must pass all of the Israel standards institute tests.