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Could Raising the Smoking Age to 21 Really Help Curb Addiction in Naperville?

drugYouth and Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse; One of the Most Concerning Issues of the 21st Century


The fact most definitely remains that youth drug and alcohol abuse is probably one of the most concerning health-related issues of the 21st century in the United States.  This issue is very problematic and very severe and has been so on many different levels and in many different ways for some time now.  The state of Illinois is trying to implement different drug rehab Illinois’ in different cities such as Naperville and call the rehabs by the city name. For example the drug rehabilitation Naperville is now in place in order to reduce these shocking and severe statistics on drug usage amongst teens:


  • Studies have shown to us that approximately twenty-four percent of teens surveyed in the 2012 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study admitted to misusing or abusing a prescription drug at least once in their lifetimes.  Since 2008, that figure has increased 33 percent.  Also, in the last year alone, almost half of all high school students admitted to having abused prescription drugs.  When those who have abused heroin are added to that number, it is safe to say that half of high school students have abused opiates at some point in their lives.


  • Since the year of 2010, prescription drug misuse and abuse among Hispanic teens in the Chicago area has risen significantly.  For example, in 2010, 17 percent of Hispanic teens admitted to misusing or abusing a prescription drug; in 2012, 30 percent of Hispanic teens admitted to misusing or abusing a prescription drug.  This is particularly discouraging as, historically speaking, Hispanics have been a demographic that has lower-than average substance abuse tendencies, especially in the Chicago and Naperville area.


  • In Naperville specifically, more than a quarter of teens, (27 percent actually), mistakenly believe that misusing and abusing prescription drugs is safer than using street drugs.  This is the epitome of the prescription drug nightmare that the United States has fallen into.  Truthfully, prescription drugs are supposed to be helpful and beneficial, and that is certainly how they are marketed.  However, the truth of the matter is that these drugs are actually incredibly deadly and dangerous for anyone who starts to use them, even if for prescribed reasons.


Raising the Legal Smoking Age in the Chicago Area


One idea that has been brought to the drawing board for how to essentially curb the addiction issue as it has expressed itself in Naperville has been to raise the smoking age from eighteen to twenty-one.  Cigarettes are highly addicting and actually cause more deaths in the United States than drug and alcohol abuse and addiction combined.  It is thought that, perhaps with this issue being halted or at least stalled for another three years, that addiction amongst young adults will begin to lessen a bit if not completely. Also with the drug rehab Naperville, to help with this type of addiction, hopefully addiction among teens will lesson in the next couple of years.


This proposition has been met with a lot of opposition yes there is no doubt about that, but there is still the likelihood that this issue might also be stopped a bit if the cigarette use is also taken down a notch.  It is advised for Naperville at least, (a city with one of the worst youth drug abuse issues in the nation), that this idea be supported rather than contested.