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Interesting Facts about Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is undoubtedly an expanding and successful industry, it was estimated that a lot of people nowadays had cosmetic procedures done and has continued to grow significantly! With more and more people choosing to have cosmetic surgery there are some particularly interesting facts that give us an interesting look into this world.


The Rise of Botox 


It is natural for us to see cosmetic surgery as something drastic and painful but advancements in technology mean that a lot of formerly intrusive surgeries are a thing of the past. Now surgeons are opting to use needles and lasers over knives to give clients the desired effect.


The likes of Botox and filler injections are straightforward procedures and can be tailored specifically to your needs and developments in technology mean that fillers are becoming more effective and longer lasting. Statistics have shown that since the year 2000, these procedures have increased by an impressive 700%!


Women Are More Likely to Go Under the Knife


It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that research has shown around 90% of the cosmetic procedures over recent years have been on women. Of course women undoubtedly feel the pressure of looking young all the time and it is likely a significant contributing factor to it.


Male Procedures


But it is also worth noting that more and more men are feeling the pressure to appear young and healthy, resulting in higher rates of procedures on men now, too. The most notable example of this is with the chin augmentation procedure – a plastic surgery procedure that either involves an implant or by moving bones around. It has been reported that several Hollywood stars have had this procedure at some stage and never looked back!


The number of people having this procedure has grown considerably since 2010 when it was just over 12,000 and even in 2011 it had almost doubled to 20,600. Over half of the procedures were performed on men.


It Is Popular Between 40 – 50 Year Olds


Almost half of the cosmetic procedures over the last decade were performed on people between the ages of 40 and 50. Though this appears to be changing as more and more young people are feeling it is ok to have cosmetic surgery at a younger age.




Fewer people are going under the knife because of needles and the same goes because of lasers too. Now it might sound like something out of a James Bond film but lasers are becoming a more viable procedure as time progresses and are of course less invasive than knives. Many people are turning to laser treatments for the likes of acne scar removal, remove prominent veins and to beat signs of ageing and these are only a fraction of their potential uses.


A Rise in Affordability


So why are we seeing a lot more cosmetic procedures occurring? Well this is primarily because of improvements in the surgeries and technology and this has advancements have made it a lot more affordable for people. With over 12 million procedures being carried out in 2010 and costing $10 billion, which is an average cost of $800 a procedure, which is surprisingly cheap considering the impact it can have on your happiness and confidence. Cosmetic procedures are no longer for the wealthy, instead they are accessible to all and that is why they will continue to grow and develop for the better.


Changing Mentalities 


We touched on the how the stigma of cosmetic surgery has changed over recent years and more people than ever are willing to have procedures than ever before. A lot of this is put down to the fact that surgery has advanced and the ‘Barbie’ look is almost a thing of the past. Of course the improvements in technology and less invasiveness of procedures from the likes of liposuction to nose implants, mean they take a lot less time, are more affordable and you can often jump straight back into your daily life with minimal fuss and no one even noticing.


The sheer variety of cosmetic surgery options in modern times means that it is completely possible to resolve any body issues you might have with yourself, from scarred skin to a slightly arched nose. Procedures are more reliable than ever before and it seems they are only on the rise.