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Organic cold pressed soap

coldSoaps have been around in one form or another since the dawn of man; thankfully over time soaps have become less harmful and more efficient in terms of the cleaning process. Traditionally it was always the large pharmaceutical companies that produced soaps and these are more often than not packed with the cheapest chemicals possible which can be incredibly harmful over time to our skins. Thankfully now due to the ease of cross border trading and sales through the internet there are some great companies which are making amazing products such as organic cold press soap. Paper Street Soaps make some of the best organic soaps in the world; they’re an ethical company who produce on a small scale to ensure the quality of their product always remains the same; they also try as hard as possible to source ingredients locally and of course they will never use any harmful chemicals in their products.



They are proud to offer a large selection of the finest handmade, natural, and organic body care products which will look after you and your skin for long time to come.  From cold process soaps to hand and body lotion, their natural products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality every time. You can see their full list of products here.