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Symptoms of Chlamydia in men

chlamydia in menStaying fit and healthy is one of the key components of living a long and prosperous life and this means eating well, staying mentally healthy and of course protecting yourself against STI’s (sexually transmitted diseases). Unfortunately we live in a world where various diseases and pathogens are now occurring more regularly and staying protected is more important than ever. A common STI is chlamydia which occurs in both men and women and is transferred during un protected inter course. Even though this virus is non gender specific;  there are symptoms that will occur which will be unique to either a man or woman. In this post we’ll focus on the specifics of chlamydia in men; below are some of the common symptoms found.


  • A white or cloudy fluid/discharge will appear at the tip of the penis.
  • Burning and stinging sensation’s may be experienced when urinating
  • The testicular area may become inflamed or enlarged and can generally be very sensitive.


These are just a few of the commonly occurring symptoms of Chlamydia. If you in any way feel you may have caught this virus then it’s always advisable to get regular check-ups done with your local sexual health clinic or doctor.