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All You Need To Know About Chin Lift Cosmetic Surgery

A fat saggy skin under the chin is common in people over the age of 40. As we age, bands of skin and fat start depositing under the chin and neck, making you look older. A chin lift is a cosmetic procedure where a surgeon carries out a set of process to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin to reduce the sagginess. If you are dealing with a double chin or an under-chin, a neck lift or chin lift will be able to correct the condition effectively. But before that, let’s understand what is involved in a chin lift and whether you are a right candidate for undergoing the surgery.


New advancements in cosmetic surgeries have made the procedure of a neck lift fast and effective. When done by an experienced plastic surgeon, the entire process may take from 2 to 3 hours to complete. Depending on your age, the condition of the chin and skin’s elasticity, a liposuction or removing the excess fat will be performed apart from stretching the skin. The entire process in done under anesthesia and you are likely to go home on the same day.

The surgeon will make small incisions behind the ear and under the chin to remove the deposited fat and alter the supporting muscles. The skin is then stretched while removing the excess of it and the incisions are sutured thereafter. If needed, the surgeon will use Botox to fill up any bands of the skin. The entire area is then bandaged, which needs to be kept for a day or two. You may also need a forehead lift or an eyelid correction along with a chin lift to enhance your appearance in the right way.


The recovery time largely depends on the individual’s age and health. Usually, you are good to return back to your work in 2 weeks’ time. Precautions must be taken following a few days after the surgical procedure. Make sure you have a friend or relative to stay with you for the first few days, in case you need some help.
Your routine will be restricted for some time while spending most of the time in bed for 4 to 5 days. During these days, you will have a reduced movement and use medicines to manage pain. Over time, you will be able to start your normal routine, slowly returning back to your work in 14 days. You will still have to avoid strenuous activities for the next few weeks.
There can be slight bruising around the incisions which is considered normal, but if you see any signs of infection like the formation of pus, contact your surgeon immediately. Once the wounds start healing, it will take a few months’ time for the scars to fade out completely. Although, a chin lift may change the way you look just after doing it, the best results are seen after 5-6 months when the scars are no more visible and the surgery appears natural with perfectly toned muscles.
Side Effects

Cosmetic surgery is a safe procedure and shows positive results for most people opting for it. The major side effects include allergies by the anesthesia. If you have any such allergies, talk to your doctor before the cosmetic procedure. Infection of the wounds is likely as with other surgeries if proper medicines and enough care are not taken. Tightness, tingling and numbness near the incision are inevitable and go off spontaneously. The chances of infection and other side effects decrease when the procedure is done by a reputed surgeon.
Are you the right candidate?

Although, a neck lift amazingly changes the way you look by reducing years from your age, it is important to know whether you are the right candidate for it. Usually, people between ages 40-60, are at greater risks of developing an under-chin and opts for the cosmetic procedure. It can also be performed at younger or older individuals. It is essential to have a better health to speed up the healing process. If you take any medicines, talk to your surgeon to know whether it will interfere with other medicines. You may also need to refrain from work for a week or two to ensure better results. Besides, your skin should have enough elasticity to withstand the stretching.
With so many cosmetic surgeons in Singapore, it is always best to undergo a chin lift by the one who has years of experience with a high success rate. Ask questions about their credentials, licenses and any photos that speak of their experience. A reputed cosmetic surgeon will be able to handle diverse individual needs and provide a natural looking chin lift to make you youthful.