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Are Electric Beard Trimmers Bad for your Skin?

groomedThanks to large charity drives like ‘Movember’ and the latest fashion trends the beard is now in style across the world; don’t be fooled though a beard is not something that will happen over night and it does take a lot of grooming. As a man you’ll know that there are a multitude of shavers and beard trimmers on the market at the moment. Whether you choose to drive shave or wet shave is a personal choice; but whatever the choice, there is a grooming kit on the market for you. You can use either a single blade razor or a multiple blade razor,  which ever you choose will be completely dependent on your skin type, as often multiple blade razors can cause issues for those that have sensitive skin types.


Click here to learn more about beard trimmers. Are electric beard trimmers bad for your skin? The answer is entirely dependant on your skin type and is often also dependant on the type of soap or shaving cream you’re using for your skin. In short, no, they’re not bad for your skin and coupled with a good after shave or mmosituriser they can often be better than using a traditional blade.