Ben Landa is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Originally from Czechoslovakia, Landa moved with his family to Newark, N.Y. after the Holocaust. After making New York his home, Landa became an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is an avid supporter of religious and charitable organizations in the United States and Israel, including the Crohn’s and Colitis Federation of America.


He purchased his first nursing home in 1987. After linking up with his business partner, Bent Philipson, the two moved on to build SentosaCare LLC, also known as Sentosa.


Sentosa is the largest nursing home network in the state of New York. The facilities nurse thousands of residents 24/7 and offers specialized care in several areas, including short- and long-term rehabilitation.


SentosaCare LLC provides skilled nursing services in locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. For more information on Ben Landa and SentosaCare LLC, visit Ben Landa online.

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