Acupuncture – The Chinese ancient medicine

margoThe Chinese have long be revered for their traditional medicine methods; to us in the west they may seem unconventional and sometimes plain outright crazy but the Chinese have been studying medicine for 1000’s of years so it’s probably best we pay attention to what they’ve been doing. One particular area that has absolutely exploded in Chinese medicine is Acupuncture.  It has been proven to work far better than some conventional widely available pharmaceuticals and of course if doesn’t have any side effects at all.


Acupuncture is the 2000 year old study of the body and it’s pressure and medicinal points in the body; small needles which are painless are then used to release pressure from these various points around the world. Acupuncture can be used for a variety of diseases and afflictions and is often used in the treatment of anxiety and the anxiety treatment developed by Margo’s clinic combines modern and traditional acupuncture practices. It’s also used to help quit smoking and some people of found great results when using it for weight loss. You’ll be sure to find a good acupuncture doctor in your area or if you’re Toronto based you can visit acupuncture clinic Toronto of course if you have any questions at all then one of their staff is always on hand to help out.

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