6 Ways to Eliminate Stomach Fat Naturally

Fat so anonymity there may be people who will interpret negatively. When referred to the word fat in a person’s mind may be associated with obesity and distended stomachs. Own fat needed by the body. The body still needs fat. But when it is excessive fat in the body will be a problem. Obesity will come to attack. If allowed to obesity can lead to the arrival of other diseases such as heart and others.

Here 6 Ways to Reduce Stomach Fat

When the body of excess fat infestation it should be addressed immediately. One way is to exercise regularly. Moreover, the fat accumulates in the abdomen so that the belly fat visible. For some people do find it difficult to shrink their stomachs. But if we know the right way is actually not as difficult as we thought. Here are some ways to eliminate belly fat you can do:

1. Sports? Lazy? If you are lazy to exercise please enjoy your obesity alone! Sport is very important to maintain the health condition of the body. Exercise you can do to burn fat in your stomach is with cardio. Ie such as brisk walking, sprinting, jogging, aerobics, cycling and others. For those of you who do not have time to go to the fitness and exercise, you can routinely running, brisk walking and cycling. Running and brisk walking are the most popular cardio exercises. By running the entire body from head to toe will move, very good for burning fat and abdominal muscles. If you like fitness, you can also perform these activities with the help of tools available in the fitness. You can add a portion of the sport with weights. For example the first heating lift weights for 10-20 minutes. Then the next you can practice running drills using a treadmill and a stationary bike if it is wanted to cycling.

2. Drinking green tea. Tea does have many benefits that are no doubt. Type of polyphenol antioxidants contained in green tea is very beneficial to health, hair, skin and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In addition to a good antioxidant, green tea also contains catechins kind called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is beneficial to increase the body’s metabolism. EGCG function accelerate the rate of oxidation in fat and turn it into calories. Green tea is also believed to suppress excessive appetite and detoxifies the body. Making it beneficial for weight loss and slimming the body. You can regularly consume green tea every day as a food supplement for your diet menu.

3. Consuming vitamin C is enough. If you want to lose and control your weight, the calories burned must be higher than the calories consumed. One of the best sources of calories is vitamin c. Research shows people who consume less vitamin C is difficult to reduce fat in the body than the high consumption of vitamin c. A low intake of vitamin C resulted in weight and increased waist size. Vitamin C is capable of forming carnitine. Carnitine is a compound that is able to transform fat into energy for the body. So the accumulation of fat in the abdomen can be decomposed. Vitamin C is also efficacious as a companion to your diet with moderate exercise routine. Because exercise alone is not able to me-the-fat-metabolism without an adequate intake of vitamin c. By taking your c vitamic help burn fat is processed in the sport. You can get vitamin C by eating vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin C.

4. Consuming protein and a reducing sugar. Sugar is the ‘enemy’ for those of you who want to reduce fat in the abdomen. Make sure that at every meal you consume, including low-sugar group even zero-sugar. You can use non-caloric sugar such as Tropicana slim on every menu of your meal. You can also replace it with honey instead of sugar and regularly consume low-fat dairy such as milk muscle. In addition to reducing sugar, you are required to consume protein. One of the reasons you need a useful protein to “fight” hunger. Protein intake over the process of digestion than carbohydrates, so you do not easily able to control hunger and good food in the body.
Protein consumption should exceed the consumption of carbohydrates. Ie type of animal protein derived from animal and vegetable sourced from plants. Some foods that contain high animal protein, among others; eggs, fresh meat, salmon oil and a variety of various seafood (sea food). Cheese can also be consumed to replace meat. As for the vegetable protein you can consume vegetables, soy and dairy (know and tempeh), nuts and processed wheat (bread wheat). As for the fruits you can consume pineapple and potatoes.

5. A healthy diet. There is no magical way to get rid of belly fat regardless of diet. Diet for weight loss usually begins with a program to burn fat in the stomach, because that’s where a gathering place excessive fat accumulates. Take a healthy diet. A healthy diet is certainly not a diet that is torture. Consuming fiber so help your diet program. A study showed that people who consume 10 grams of fiber per day dapak help burn fat in the body. Tips you can do to help the process of diet that is consuming apples, green beans and green tea every day. With a balanced exercise and eating a healthy diet and getting enough rest.

6. Drink lots of water. Never underestimate the water! Research shows that eating / drinking water consistently throughout the day can increase your metabolism more active. Drinking more water also helps the body to block the toxins that enter the body and improve your overall health. Drink a glass of water 8 times a day. Prepare a water bottle wherever you go and have a drink whenever you feel thirsty. You should also not consume alcohol, reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, sodas and carbonated drinks. Another trick is that you can drink water before breakfast or before eating. It aims to control hunger and overeating.

In addition to eliminating belly fat that has been mentioned above, you need to provide a sufficient portion to rest. The best rest is to sleep. Yes, you need at least 7-8 hours per day in order to be healthy and fit body. Research shows people who set aside time over 7 hours of sleep a day to be able to control excessive fat in the body. Therefore give enough portion to sleep, especially at night.

How to Burn Belly Fat Using Slim Patch

One alternative way which is currently widely used to burn excess fat in the abdomen is using slim patch, slimming plaster is made and designed in a way to reduce and burn the excess fat in the body, absorbing the oil and siphon various toxins in the body. Diet method is simple and easy to use are the hallmarks of this patch slim. Just put plaster (patch) on parts of the body that have excess fat. In contrast to the strict diet program on the application that is often forgotten / overlooked because of our busy lives.

Why do you need to try Slim Patch?

  • The composition of natural ingredients
  • Clinically proven effective for weight loss
  • Minimal side effects because of this external medicine
  • Easy to use

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