MindfulIf you’re like most people on the planet, you’re busy. You probably find it difficult to balance a hectic work schedule with your social life, family life, and physical and mental health.


In this article, you will learn what mindfulness and meditation is and why practicing it is important, as well as what Mindfulness Mavericks can offer you.



Each and every day, you find ourselves running around trying to complete all of our tasks before you run out of daylight. Mindfulness aims to help you take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to take time and reflect.


Mindfulness is defined as the ability to focus your mind on what’s useful so that you can navigate throughout life with more ease. Meditation is a written, experienced, or spoken process that expresses considered thoughts.


In essence, meditation is putting the things we focus on in our mind (mindfulness) into practice.


There are a ton of benefits to practicing mindfulness and meditation, especially mindfulness:


  • It relieves stress and gives us a break from traditional thinking. You use your brain so much for your job and hobbies that it often becomes fixated on solving a certain problem. You can also become fixated on bad memories, embarrassing situations, and stressful thoughts related to the past and the future. Mindfulness gives your brain a break.
  • It activates our imagination. As mentioned above, we are often using our brains for a specific task and can sometimes miss out on accessing our imagination. Mindfulness can turn morning activities into an adventure.
  • It helps us make wise choices. You often hear of the fight or flight reaction us humans tend to have in stressful situations. The theory is that if you are in trouble, your body forces you to either fight or run away from the situation. Practicing mindfulness can help you sort through your metaphorical mental junk mail to help you take a breath and make the wisest decision possible.
  • It relieves mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Mindfulness can help you look past your stressors and confront them so that you can live a happier, healthier life.


These benefits are only scratching the surface of what practicing mindfulness can actually do to benefit you.



Mindfulness Mavericks is the brain child of John Nolan and Joy Taylor. Nolan works as a mindfulness teacher and therapeutic coach. He has a background in holistic bodywork, hypnosis, counselling, and more. Taylor is a mindfulness teacher, therapeutic coach, and holistic health practitioner.
The two have a combined 20 years of experience in the fields of natural health enhancement, personal development, and mind/body healing. Each have studied extensively in their respective fields.


The goal of Mindfulness Mavericks is to offer mindfulness courses to help people use mindfulness to make the changes they need to live a happier, healthier life. The company is based in Sheffield.


Mindfulness Mavericks offers several mindfulness classes, including a mindful listening course; and 8-week Adventures in Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing course; a 4-week Mindfulness for Busy People course; the “Mind Your Own Business,” mindfulness-based survival skills for business owners; the “Feet on the Ground” meditation for absolute beginners; and the Taming your Mind with Mindfulness Course. There are coming soon.


Courses offered in the past include an introduction to mindfulness course and a Calming and Anxious Mind Using Mindfulness course. You can now sign up for the free new online course, “Calming an Anxious Mind: The Self-Help Guide” today.


Mindfulness Mavericks has a ton of happy clients who praise the company for its seminars and courses. Most rave that the courses have helped them open their mind and better-understand what they need to do.


“I would recommend this course to learn how to be calmer and be reminded of the power of kindness to yourself as well as others,” said Jonny about the 8-week Mindfulness for Health and Happiness course. “Before I felt constantly swayed from one thing to another with little sense of what I was doing, or noticing what I might enjoy. After the 8 weeks, I knew there was a way of approaching daily life that can increase the joy of it (with practice).”


Are you ready to start your mindfulness journey? If so, sign up for mindfulness classes by visiting MindfulnessMavericks.co.uk. For more information, fill out the contact form on the website or call +44 (0) 114 299 8888. You can also follow Mindfulness Mavericks on Twitter @MindfulnessMavs and subscribe to the newsletter.