Should Schaumburg Pay Closer Attention to the Link Between Drug Abuse and Food Addiction

drugThere are a lot of different tragic things going on in the greater Schaumburg area and in the greater Chicago area too, and this fact has been simply portrayed by the simple fact that the Schaumburg area and the Chicago area has now become the nation’s hotspot for heroin abuse and addiction and overdose amongst other things.  This is a crisis and it should definitely be treated as such.  In truth, the issue could not really get a whole lot worse than it is now, and this is pretty scary as the issue there is quite devastating. Since the drug problem in the state of Illinois is getting worse, there are many drug rehabilitation Illinois centers that are taking in individuals for a period of time for free. They are doing everything they can to prevent drug abuse from increasing among the population in the Illinois area. There is a drug rehab in southern Illinois and now even a drug rehab Schaumburg too.


As if to add insult to injury, food addiction has now become a major issue amongst Schaumburg’s youth.  For some reason, the youth of this area in particular has been coupled with that of pill abuse and addiction, making for a dangerous and potentially deadly addiction cocktail of potential destruction and overdose and possibly even death.


The food addiction model, like that of substance addiction and abuse too, describes the ways in which certain food properties or ingredients can produce addiction in individuals who are susceptible to their effects and who consume them in a manner that induces the addictive process (i.e., eating certain types of highly palatable, calorie-dense, and nutrient-poor food),” NCASA wrote in its report, Addressing Food Addiction: A Science-Based Approach to Policy, Practice and Research.  Basically speaking, food addiction carries with it all of the very same aspects and traits of addiction that drug and alcohol addiction does, it is just that the actual thing that the individual is addicted to is of course very different.



Heroin abuse has been on the rise in the Schaumburg area since the turn of the century, after many years of it being on its way out and almost completely disappearing in fact.  “Why?” we ask.  Experts say that the increase in heroin use is actually inevitably linked to prescription opioid pill abuse!  Young and old Americans alike often become addicted to pain pills and then progress on to heroin as well, (which provides the same euphoric high as pain pills does), when pills are hard to come by, too expensive, or are just no longer as thrilling to the user as they used to be.


The Dangers of Food and Drug Addiction


In the report’s very recent press release, where NCASA announced food addiction will become a new, primary area of research because of the devastation that it is currently causing in the greater Chicago area and in Schaumburg specifically, they write, “The rising obesity epidemic across the nation has propelled scientists to investigate the many ways in which individual vulnerabilities interact with our current food environment to promote excessive and unhealthy eating.”


Certainly, this is a highly underrated and often glossed over issue and problem.  But it is definitely something that needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed as soon as is physically possible as it is now a pretty intensive issue not only in Schaumburg but all across the nation.  It also needs to be addressed soon because teens in Schaumburg are now mixing food addiction with drug addiction.  Once again, it seems that the local residents will turn to the ever ready and ever present helping hand that is offered to them by inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations.