How to Eliminate Stomach Fat Of Week

Fat in the abdomen is a specter that haunts every woman. The women generally want abdomen thin, sexy and fat free. Abdominal fat is stubborn fat than other fats, are not easily lost if only by routine to the gym. For that, let us consider the following tips to get rid of stubborn stomach fat.

How to Eliminate Belly Fat:

Reduce Portion Eating

Increasing food portions will facilitate the emergence of stomach fat. Reduce your portions, especially at night, because during the night the belly fat is usually easily arise and make the stomach look fat.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables helps reduce fat in the abdomen, if you feel hungry but you just eat it is better you eat fruit and vegetables as a meal replacement weight makes excess fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to also erode the belly fat.

30-45 Minutes in the Gym

Take your time to go to the gym at least 30-45 minutes of exercise in order to process fat removal easier. Situp, pushup and BackUp also help remove stubborn fat if done regularly.

Warm orange juice and honey

Help shrink the fatty acids in the body, for it is essential for you who are dieting and in the process reduce excess fat regularly drink lime juice and mixed with honey. This herb will help the process of your diet.

Mineral Drinking Water

Mineral water is essential for the body but do occasionally drink cold water or water with added ice cubes, it will make our stomachs swell and create nested fat in our stomach.