How to Burn Stomach Fat in Effective

How do I burn stomach fat fast? If you choose to sit up exercise, then you are making a big mistake. Because sit ups exercise does not burn fat, but formed abdominal muscles.

So no matter how hard you exercise sit ups, will not yield if still accumulate abdominal fat. But avoid the first exercise sit ups and replace it with a very effective cardio exercises to burn fat in the stomach area and the entire body.

Belly fat should be removed because it can potentially cause a variety of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Here are some tips to burn fat in the stomach to the fullest.

Burn belly fat with exercise that right, which is cardio. Some highly effective cardio exercises to shrink the stomach is jogging, cycling, or swimming. Perform cardio for about 45 to 60 minutes on a regular basis. Besides being able to scrape belly fat, exercise can also be good for the heart.

Healthy Diet, Protein Consumption and Avoid Sugar
You need 80% of a healthy diet to reduce fat in the abdomen. Reduce the habit of snacking foods that contain high calories and replace it with a healthy menu like protein, vegetables and grains.

Enough rest
The habit of staying up it can make more distended stomach. When the body feels tired, you produce more ghrelin, which triggers the desire to eat sugar and other foods that contain fat. Therefore, avoid staying up late and sleep well.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C may help burn belly fat by making carnitine, which is a compound used by the body to convert fat into fuel. Consumption of vitamin C as a friend to burn fat.

Good Fat Consumption
Good fats contain many nutrients needed by the body and makes full longer. You can get it from the salmon, avocado and walnuts.

Stay away from processed food
Avoid processed foods if you want a slim stomach. Trans fats from fried foods, white rice, flour, fructose-sweetened beverages and fried snack can lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Exercise and diet is the best combination to burn belly fat. Make exercise a lifestyle so that in addition to a slim, healthy body is maintained. Good luck!